Week 9 : Chapter 3 Part 2


English for 9th Grade Students

After studying, the students are supposed to be able to:

  1. tell the definition of manual
  2. distinguish between manual and recipe
  3. tell the structure of manual
  4. Identify the language features of manual

What is Manual?

Manuals refers specifically to a reference document which provides detailed information about operation and the maintenance of a product.

Manual mengacu secara khusus pada dokumen referensi yang memberikan informasi rinci tentang pengoperasian dan pemeliharaan produk.

What are the differences between Recipe and Manual?

The differences are in:

  • the goal
  • the content
  • the object
  • and the result

What’s the structure?

Both manual and recipe are types of procedural text, so the structure are:

  1. Goal/Aim: How to operate a certain product (The Title)
  2. Materials: Optional
  3. Steps: the procedure to get the best performance in sequence order


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What are the language features of the manual?

  • Using Simple Present Tense
  • Using adverbials
  • Using temporal conjunction to state the sequence order
  • Using action verbs

Temporal Conjunctions:

Meanwhile | first | last | next | then | finally |eventually |

this evening | last week | after a while | soon | afterward


  1. Both manual and recipe are types of procedural text.
  2. The manuals are mostly has no material part.
  3. The steps in the manual and recipe are in sequence order.
  4. The results of manual are to get the best performance and avoid accident, harm, and damage.
  5. The results of recipe are to get the best look and taste.
  6. The language features: Simple Present, Action Verb, Adverbials, Numbers and Temporal conjunction

Video 1

Video 2


Check your learning development of the Procedure Text: Manual, by doing this following multiple choice questions! Good Luck!

Setelah menyelesaikan materi ini, tuliskan nama, nomer, dan kelas kalian di kolom komentar di bawah ini ya… Jika kalian mempunyai pertanyaan terkait materi ini kalian juga bisa menuliskannya di kolom komentar  dengan menyebutkan nama dan kelas kalian.

Bagi yang belum mengumpulkan tugas mencari teks label, segera mengumpulkan tugas di sekolah!

Please, prepare yourself by reopening again English materials in chapter 3. Next meeting we will have our 3rd English test.

And Good Luck for your Mid Semester Test next week!

Well students, enough for the lesson today. Don’t forget to be happy, stay safe and healthy, and keep on studying. Goodbye…. See you next week!

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