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How is your day ?

I hope you are still keep spirit in study English and always safe staying at home. Sudah 3 bulan kita pembelajaran daring dan ini saatnya kita akan menempuh Ujian Tengah Semester (UTS).  Maka pada hari ini Mrs. Erna akan membahas soal-soal yang yang akan keluar di PTS.  Materi kita hari ini adalah Membahas Soal-Soal.

Cermati video dibawah ini, lihat sampai selesai, kalau sudah kalian bisa catat keterangan-keterangan yang ada dibawah video dan jangan lupa kerjakan tugas yang Mrs. Erna berikan di akhir pembelajaran ini.

Macam-macam soal-soal dalam PTS :

  1. Multiple choice (Pilihan ganda)
  2. True-False (Benar-salah)
  3. Matching (Menjodohkan)



1.Bella : I am Bella.  How do you do ?

Fitri  :  ………..I am Fitri azizah

a.I am fine

b.How do you do

c.Are you ok ?

d.How are you

Jawaban : B

2. Lidya is a new member of Smart English club.  She introduce herself.

Lidya : Ladies and gentlemen ………..

a.Allow me to introduce myself

b.Iam happy to meet you

c.Let me introduce you to the audiences

d May I introduce you to audiences

Jawaban : A

3.  What sentence express leave taking? The expression of leave taking is …

a. Thanks, mom!

b. Good morning, mom!

c.  It’s okay, mom!

d.  See you, mom!

Jawaban : D


What    : apakah

Where  :  dimana

When    :  kapan              +          How    :  bagaimana

Who      :  siapa

Why      :  mengapa

How old       : berapa umur / usia

How often  : berapa kali

How many ;  berapa banyak


Hello my name is Made Wiyata
I am a student of SMP 2 Denpasar
I live in Ngurah Rai street no. 45. My father is a lawyer and my mother is a teacher. I have 2 hobbies. I like cooking and dancing. My favorite food is fried rice. My favorite drink is orange juice. Okey my friends that’s all about me

Question :

1.Where does Made Wiyata study? Ngurah Rai street no 45 SMP 2 Denpasar and dancing

d.a student

Jawaban : B

2.What is Made Wiyata’s hobby ?

a.Orange juice

b.Fried rice



Jawaban : Dancing

3. What is Made Wiyata’s father ?

a.a student

b.a teacher

c.a cook

d.a lawyer

Jawaban ;  D



State true (T) or false (F) for the following statements  below !

1.My brother’s hobbies  is reading and  swimming                      (    T      /      F     )

2.Rian and Dika  like  fishing                                                            (    T      /      F     )

3.My hobby is dancing. I  likes  dancing                                         (     T     /      F     )

4.The postman delivers  the letters.                                                 (     T     /      F    )

5.I have an uncle.   She is a pilot                                                        (     T     /      F    )

6.Mr. Armand is a doctor. He works in Post Office                       (     T     /      F    )

7.He likes collecting stamps.  He is a Philatelist                            (     T     /      F    )

8.My mother’s brother is my uncle                                                   (      T    /      F    )



Match the  word  in column A  with the word in coLumn B

                           A                            B
1.My hobby is swimming                  (   f   )

2.Her father is a policeman              (  a   )

3.What are your aunt’s hobbies?     (   h  )

4.Her mother is a chef                       (   c   )

5.Anita’s hobby is painting                (   g  )

6.Her bother’s hobby is cycling         (   b  )

7.I like walking                                     (  d   )

8.Ria likes singing                               (   e  )

a.He fights the crime

b.He likes going around the city by his bike

c.She cooks many kinds of food in the restaurant

d.It makes me healthy

e.Her favorit song is “ Mother how are you today?”

f.I do it every week in Bengawan Sport Center

g.She likes drawing animals

h.Her  hobbies are cooking and sewing

Saran ketika kalian mengerjakan PTS :

  1. Jangan tergesa-gesa mengerjakan soal
  2. Pahami teks nya benar-benar.  Kalau sudah yakin baru dijawab
  3. Perhatikan durasi waktunya.


Kerjakan soal-soal dibawah ini dengan sungguh-sungguh !

Semoga kalian semua lancar dalam mengerjakan PTS dan memperoleh hasil terbaik.

Keep spirit

Keep healthy

And stay at home

Wassalamualaikum wr. eb.

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