Good Morning, students!

How are you doing? Mr. Fauzan & Ms Hana hope you always be healthy forever. First of all, we would congratulate you for your good achievement in odd semester. For those who still don’t satisfy on your achievement, please try harder then.

Well, in this day we will find out what and how we are going to learn in this even semester. Therefore, you are able to master the learning materials by the end of this semester.

LEARNING MATERIALS (Materi Pembelajaran)

  1. CHAPTER  7 : Narrative Text ( Tema: Domestic & Foreign Story)
  2. CHAPTER  8 :  Passive Voice (Simple Present, Simple Past, Present Continous,   Simple     Future / Modal Auxiliary)
  3. CHAPTER  9 : Report Text (Tema: Nature, Animal, Technology)
  4. CHAPTER 10 : Advertisement ( Tema: Health Products and Services)

LEARNING MEDIA (Media Pembelajaran)

  2. google meet


  1. Structured Assignment
  2. Unstructured Assignment
  3. Written test
  4. Mid Semester Test
  5. Final Semester Test


For further explanation, let’s watch these videos

Ms Hana

Mr Fauzan

Good luck for your learning process. See you next week in our first chapter!

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