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Pada pertemuan sebelumnya kita membahas Teks Report berupa teori dan contoh teks dengan tema Nature. Pada pertemuan kali ini kita ada melihat contoh report teks dengan tema Animal.

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Penguin is a bird that cannot fly. They are more like aquatic animals because they spend half of their time in the oceans and the other half on the land. Generally, they live in the Southern Hemisphere, but it doesn’t mean that they can live only in a cold place, because Penguins are also found in Galapagos Island, which consider to be a tropical area. There are 16 species of Penguin in the world, one of them is Emperor Penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) which known as the largest Penguin.

Penguins have various body size depending on their species. The largest Penguin, The Emperor Penguin, can reach the size of 1,1 m with the weight of 35 kg or more. The smallest Penguin, the Little Blue Penguin, can reach the size of 40 cm and the weight of 1 kg. Some others species such as King Penguin, Gentoo Penguin, Magellanic Penguin and Yellow-eyed Penguin are vary between those size.

The head of a Penguin resemble the head of a bird with a beak in front of it and eyes on each side of the head. They have two wings that function as flippers which help them to swim. Their foot is similar to duck’s foot, this also support them in the water. They have a wide and short tail. The tail and wings help them to keep their balance when they are walking on the ground. The color of their inner body is white and the color of their back is dark (usually black). This turns out to be a camouflage that protect them from predator when they are underwater.

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