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How are you today ?

Hari ini Mrs Erna akan membahas soal-soal tentang Describing People, yang telah kalian kerjakn di google form kemarin. semoga pembahasan soal ini, bisa membantu kalian untuk memahami soal dan mengerjakan soal sebagai bekal kalian untuk menempuh PTS minggu depan.

Lihat dan perhatiakan video ini terlebih dahulu !!


Choose the correct answer a, b, c oe d !

  1.  What color is Will Smith’s eyes ?

a.  yellow

b.  brown

c.  black

d.  blue

2. How is Will Smith’s characteristic ?

a.  good looking

b.  young

c.  tall

d.  serious

3.   How is Danny de Vito’s body ?

a.  short

b.  well built

c.  bald

d.  tall

4. Who has green eyes ?

a.  Danny de Vito

b.  Arnold

c.  The writer

d.  Will Smith

5.   What is Miss Elizabeth ?

a.  She is a teacher

b.  She is a student

c.  She is a tailor

d.  She is a headmaster

6.  “ She is twenty eight years old “.  What does “She” refer to ?

a.  A teacher

b.  Primary school

c.  husband

d.  Miss Elizabeth

7. How long does Miss Elizabeth teach in Primary School ?

a.  twenty years old

b,  a year

c.  grade three

d.  twenty one years

8.   What is the writer’s father like ?

a.  good and careless

b.  impatient and shy

c.  friendly and helpfull

d.  handsome arrogant

9.  Why does the writer very dear with his father ?


a.  He is handsome

b.  He helps people else

c.  He is careless

d.  His hobby is fishing

10.   How is the writer’s father hair ?

a.  brown hair

b.  black hair

c.  curly black hair

d.  curly brown hair


Well, student.  Keep your spirit to study.

Stay happy

Stay healthy

Stay at home

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.




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