How’s life, my students! I wish you have a bright days.

So glad to meet you again today. In this nice chance, we will learn a part of descriptive text that is to be.

Mengapa kita harus belajar to be?

Karena dalam teks deskripsi terdapat banyak sekali kalimat yang menjelaskan sifat sebuah benda atau seseorang. Dalam bahasa Inggris, “to be” adalah komponen wajib untuk menjelaskan sifat subyek.

Apakah itu to be?

Kata bantu yang biasanya ada dalam suatu kalimat. Semacam penegasan pada sebuah subyek dan kata yang mengikutinya. Misalnya untuk menyatakan sifat, profesi, atau kejadian yang sedang terjadi.

Terdapat 2 macam to be, yaitu:
1. Present to be (to be di masa sekarang): is, am, are
2. Past to be (to be untuk kalimat lampau): was, were

Present to be

Past to be

Perhatikan penjelasan berikut!


Isikan to be yang tepat. Kerjakan di buku tugas!

I have a favorite doll. It ….. (1) an original Teddy Bear from America. Aunt Lily gave it to me last year when she returned from her business trip in New York. She …..(2) so kind.  I ……(3) very happy. I put it on a cabinet next to my bed.  Sometimes we ……(4) playing together.

My Teddy Bear ….. (5) very big, and the color is brown. It is about 150 centimeters tall and the width ….. (6) about 50 centimeters. When I put it on my bed it will occupy half of it. It is almost as big as my body. It ….. (7) made of typical kind of fabric called rasfur. The head is round with the size of 25 centimeters. It has two ears which located on top of its head. The shape of the ears ……(8) half circle and the size is half of my palm. The colour of its eyes …… (9) dark brown. They …… (10) round look like marbel. I think it is made of glass since I can see through it.

Alright, it’s enough for today.

Stay happy, stay healthy, stay at home!

See ya! Wassalamu’alaikum!

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