Assalamualaikum wr.wb.

Good morning, my beloved students.

How is your day ?.  I hope you are fine, healthy, and happy.

Today Mrs. Erna will disscuss about TOBE.  Now let’s learn English together !

Awali pembelajaran kita dengan :

  1. Berdoa
  2. Berpakaian rapi
  3. Siapkan buku dan alat tulis.


To Be adalah :

komponen penting dalam kalimat bahasa Inggris karena to be ( is, am, are, was, were) adalah kata kerja  yang harus pada setiap kalimat.


1. To Be ( is/am/are )

TOBE                 KETERANGAN
am Digunakan untuk subject orang pertama tunggal contoh : I
is Digunakan jika subject adalah orang ketiga tunggal Contoh: She,He,It.
are digunakan jika subject berbentuk jamak contoh: They,We, bisa digunakan juga untuk orang kedua tunggal contoh :You.

Example :

1.I   ……  a student.  ( am )

2.She  ……  taking care some animals. ( is )

3.It  ……  my pet. Its name  ……  Doggy. (is / is )

4.They  ……  eating meat. ( are )

5.You  ……  ridding a horse. ( are )


2.To Be ( was/were )

      TOBE                 KETERANGAN
was fungsinya seperti penggunaan is namun  digunakan untuk bentuk lampau. Was digunakan untuk subjek I, She, He dan It.
were fungsinya seperti pengguanaan Are, namun digunakan untuk waktu lampau. Were merupakan to be yang digunakan untuk subjek you, we, they.


Example :

1.She  ……  playing with her pet yesterday. ( is )

2.I  …….  helping my father last night. ( am )

3.We  ……..  studying together last week. ( are )

4.They  ……..  Swimming in the pool yesterday. ( are )

5.It  …….  Jumping last night.  ( is )

Perhatikan video di bawah ini !


Kerjakan tugas di bawah ini di buku tugas. Tulis soal beserta jawabannya.

Fill the blanks with the suitable To be (is/am/are) and To be (was/were) !

I have a favorite doll. It ….. (1) an original Teddy Bear from America. Aunt Lily gave it to me last year when she returned from her business trip in New York. She …..(2) so kind.  I ……(3) very happy. I put it on a cabinet next to my bed.  Sometimes we ……(4) play together.

My Teddy Bear ….. (5) very big, and the colour is brown. It is about 150 centimeters tall and the width ….. (6) about 50 centimeters. When I put it on my bed it will occupy half of it. It is almost as big as my body. It ….. (7) made of typical kind of fabric called rasfur. The head is round with the size of 25 centimeters. It has two ears which located on top of its head. The shape of the ears ……(8) half circle and the size is half of my palm. The colour of its eyes …… (9) dark brown. They …… (10) round look like marbel. I think it is made of glass since I can see through it.


Tetap semangat belajar anak-anakku semua.

Keep safe !

Keep healthy !

Stay at home !

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.

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