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Hari ini Mrs. Tyas and Mrs. Erna akan membahas tentang PLURAL.  Perhatikan rangkuman materi dibawah ini.  Jangan lupa dicatat di buku, biar kalian tidak lupa dan mudah untuk mempelajarinya lagi sewaktu-waktu.


There are two kinds of noun, they are :

  1. Singular Noun :  It is a noun that names one person, animal, place or thing.
  1. Plural Noun : It is  a noun that names more than one person, animal, place or thing.
  2. example :

Singular                                                                            Plural

  (satu anjing)                                                                (banyak anjing)

Perubahan kata benda dari benda yang jumlahnya satu menjadi banyak, yaitu :

You can also use this form  :

1. Simple add -s to the end of the words

Singular Plural
Cat Cats
Door Doors
Flower flowers
Girl girls

2.  Add -es to the nouns that end in -ch, x, s, z like sounds, and o

Singular Plural
Beach Beaches
Brush Brushes
Box Boxes
Class Classes
Hero Heroes

3.  Drop the y and add -ies to the nouns that end in a consonant +y

Singular Plural
City Cities
Lady Ladies
Baby Babies

4. Change the f or fe to -ves

Singular Plural
Leaf Leaves
Half Halves
Knife Knives
Wolf Wolves

5. Irregular plurals

Singular Plural
Foot Feet
Man Men
Child Children
Goose Geese
Tooth Teeth



Setelah melihat video diatas.  Silahkan kalian mengerjakan tugas dibawah ini di buku tugas kalian.


Change the bold words into plural nouns !

  1. It is a fish. They are …….
  2. The baby has a tooth. I have …..
  3. Diana is eating a potato, a tomato, and a mango. They are eating …….., ……….,  and ………
  4. There are a book on the table. There are ……on the table
  5. The mouse is in the hole. The ………. are in the hole
  6. We have a child. They have ……..
  7. There is a bird on a branch. There are …… on …..
  8. She buys an apple and a banana. We buy …… and ………
  9. There is a teacher in the class. There are ……in the office
  10. There are a sheep and a deer in cage. There are ….. and ….. in the zoo.


Stay safe

Stay healthy

Stay at home

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