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How are you today? We hope you are always good at home. Well, students.. you have finished your chapter 1 of english materials. You have learned about Asking Attention, Checking Understanding, Showing Appreciation, and Asking Opinion. Today, we will start our chapter 2. What is the material? Yup… we will learn Ability and Willingness.


Stating Ability & Inability

Showing Ability

Capability artinya kemampuan/kesanggupan untuk melakukan/mengerjakan  sesuatu. Untuk mengekspresikan kemampuan atau kapabilitas dalam Bahasa Inggris, kita dapat menggunakan modal “can, could, atau be able” yang artinya “dapat/bisa”

  1. Can

Can dapat digunakan untuk menyatakan kapabilitas dalam bentuk present tense/masa sekarang.

Pola umum: S+Can +V1

Perhatikan Can selalu diikuti kata kerja bentuk pertama

Contoh dalam Kalimat:

    • Jono can climb a tree. (Jono dapat memanjat pohon)
    • Father and I can swim very well.
    • They can play guitars.
    • Birds can fly
  1. Could

Could fungsinya sama dengan can. Perbedaanya adalah could digunakan untuk mengeskpresikan action atau tindakan dalam bentuk past tense/bentuk lampau.


    • My father could climb the mountain when he was young
    • Santi could walk 20 kilometers away.
    • The policeman could arrest the criminal.
  1. Be able to

Bentuk ini dapat juga digunakan untuk menyatakan kapabilitas. Be(am, is, are/was, were) dapat digunakan baik present tense maupun past tense.

            Pola umum: S+be able to + V1


    • She is able to finish the job herself.
    • Toni and tini are able to collaborate.
    • They are able to win the football match.
    • Mother is able to cook delicious menus.
    • I am able to fix the leakage.


Showing Inability

  1. Can not (Can’t)

Untuk menyatakan ketidakmampuan dapat ditambahkan –not, (can not/can’t)


    • Tiara can not ride a bicycle.
    • Mother can’t run fast.
    • A penguin can’t fly.
  1. Could not (Couldn’t)

Could not fungsinya sama dengan can not. Perbedaanya adalah could not digunakan untuk mengeskpresikan action atau tindakan dalam bentuk past tense/bentuk lampau.


    • My father could not climb the mountain when he was young
    • Santi could not walk 20 kilometers away.
    • The policeman couldn’t arrest the criminal.
  1. Not be able to

Untuk menyatakan kalimat negatif atau ketidakmampuan dapat ditambahkan –not setelah to be/be.


    • We are not able to continue the jorney.
    • Ita is not able to come on time.
    • The dog is not able to overtake the cat anymore.
    • I am not able to be with her anymore.


Asking Capability

  1. Can

Untuk menanyakan kemampuan dalam bentuk kalimat tanya (interogative sentence), maka Can diletakkan di depan kalimat.


    • Can he sing a song? Yes, he can/no, he cannot
    • Can a gecko crawl? Yes, it can
    • Can you come to my birthday party? No, I can’t. I’m busy.

Menggunakan can dengan Question Words (5W + 1 H):

    • What can I do for you?
    • Why can’t you come to my house?
    • How can you fly a kite?
  1. Could

Untuk menanyakan kemampuan dalam bentuk kalimat tanya (interogative sentence), maka Could diletakkan di depan kalimat. Selain past tense, could juga dimaksudkan supaya lebih sopan (polite) bukan bentuk past.

    • Could you ride for 100km/hour when you were young?
    • Could you open the door, please?
  1. Be Able to

Untuk membuat kalimat tanya(interogative) be diletakkan di depan kalimat.


    • Is uncle Ben able to make a delicious cakes? Yes he is. No, he is not.
    • Are they able to compete in international level? Yes, they are. No they are not

For further explanation, let’s watch the video!

Miss Hana

Miss Novi

To check your understanding about the use of CAN, COULD, and ABLE TO, let’s do the exercise below! Answer them carefully!

Setelah menyelesaikan materi ini, tuliskan nama, nomer, dan kelas kalian di kolom komentar di bawah ini ya… Jika kalian mempunyai pertanyaan terkait materi ini kalian juga bisa menuliskannya di kolom komentar  dengan menyebutkan nama dan kelas kalian.

Well students, enough for the lesson today. Don’t forget to be happy, stay safe and healthy, and keep on studying. Goodbye…. See you next week!

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